Alzheimer’s Disease direct link to Metabolic Syndrome

The Journal of American Medical Association is stating there is scientific evidence linking glucose hypometabolism in the brain, the inability of the brain to get the fuel it needs due to insulin resistance.  However the brain can use another source of fuel, ketones from fat.  The effective treatment of type 2 diabetes will reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.  A ketogenic lifestyle/diet reverses type 2 diabetes meaning it reduces insulin resistance and provides the brain with another source of fuel.

Alzheimer’s and dementia prevention is the main reason I made the commitment to live the ketogenic lifestyle.  I can not think of a worse disease that you could get that not only affects you but your family in a devastating way.  Given my love for my family, I would do anything to prevent Alzheimer’s / dementia.  How about you?

Article:  Alzheimer’s disease and glucose metablolism