Ketogenic Wines

Here are some ketogenic wines that will not knock you out of ketosis.

I specifically don’t drink alcohol because of the impact on health.  Yet, I am open to learning and know that for many, drinking wines is something that they enjoy.  My research has led me to find Ketogenic wine that has been recommended by Dr. Dominic D’Agostino who has done a lot of research associated with Ketogenic diets and trust his evaluation.  I have tried a bottle and found it very “clean” tasting and I did not have any ill effects related to my blood sugar.  I also learned a lot about the wines and the chemicals that are in the highly processed wines we drink. I will pass this information on to you in this podcast about wine below:   

How to drink without a hangover: (1 hour & 12 Minutes)

Here is a source of wines that you can enjoy while being on a ketogenic diet.

Dry Farm Wine

Note: I am not affiliated with Dry Farm Wine and I offer this as information only.